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Ey i just joined this community.

Like everyone else here i love getting high or drunk.

Drugs i do are: weed, coke, opium, crack, acid, oxycottin, valium, basically any pill i can get high off of alcohal, salvia

Im addicted to crack really bad i wana try to lesson up on it.I can only go about 2 days without it.same with coke and alcohal.


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howdy ya'll...

first post here...kinda drunk so it's cool.
was wondering about your thoughts on methadone..
have a connection on that shit, but it doesnt really do anything for me..
cept keep me cracked out all night.
and give me crazy dreams.

any suggestions?
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Name: Tania
Age: 20 in april
Location: New Olreans
Addiction: xtc, somas, xanbars


thats right.. im a pill head.
i love my x.. but it can be an expensive habit..
i just wanna find some cool peeps i can meet and have some fun with
no one else understands me...

if anyone in the new orleans area is around.. hit me up.
..well hit me up reguardless of location

yahoo: cubanslacker
aim: rainbowcuban
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Hey, I recently got my hands on 40 tablets of tramadol, each tablet is 100mgs, I was wondering if anyones tried it adn what their experiences were?

Tramadols also called tramal, ultram or ultracet... I saw some stuff in erowid, but i wanted other opinions

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How do you get on methadone? Do you just find a methadone clinic and tell them that you're a junky then they give it to you? I hear it's expensive, but this whole withdrawls thing is getting old.

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so im new, and instead of being a lurker, im joining the group.
and ill just give a quick introduction.
my name is lorena, im from the miami florida area.
as for drugs, ive tried alot, i mostly snort and smoke.
lately ive hit the jackpot in the morphine department, ive gone aa couple months without getting my hands on the stuff.
unfortunately its not affecting me like it used to, i had some carisopridol last night though and that was good for a change of pace.
so ive read some of the entries and you seem like a group of informative and interesting people.
nice to meet you all.

one other thing;
i found these pills in my medicine cabinet, im not sure of what they are, the perscription says theyre ENTEX LA.
anyone know what they are? try them? or is it just a complete waste of my time. the label on it doesnt tell me what it is exactly, its not from a chain pharamcy like walgreens etc.
i appreciate any feedback
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