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1. Be considerate and respectful at all times. If something another member says, does, or posts on here pisses you off, have a toke, and keep it cool. You have three strikes, and you're out, buddy. (In other words, you will be banned).

2. LJ cut if you have more than one photo, and (very) long posts. Instructions on how to use the cut feature (and a few others) can be found here.

3. Ask one of the mods before promoting a community, always!! If you don't ask, or mention if one of the mods allowed you to promote, the members here, will tend to get annoyed/bothered. Fair warning.

4. HAVE FUN!!! This community is about sex, drugs, and rock n roll. Love, peace, and happiness together. Post and have fun with all the community activites. To keep this community going we have to have member involvement.

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If you would like to promote our community, here are some promotional banners you can use (please don't hotlink, but if you're lazy and feel compelled to do so, then I guess we can't do anything! But if we track you down, we'll steal all your drugs, and kick you.)